The Cosmic Shake – Location of All Fortune Cookies

Jacob Curr

During the story of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, the player can pick up a side quest from the old folk’s home that has them trying to find all of their missing fortune cookies. There are 7 cookies to find, and each can be found in Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom. Here are the locations of all of the fortune cookies.

The first fortune cookie can be found in the Movie Hallways section, right after you exit the red carpet hallway. It is located on the platform immediately to the left. To get to the fortune cookie, jump on top of the trailer in front of it, and then jump across to the platform.

The second fortune cookie is in the Backlot, located on a table near the trailer with a picture of handsome Squidward on it. Simply walk over and pick it up.

The third fortune cookie is located in the side-scroll filming section where the camera is constantly moving across the screen. It can be found in a little caged-off area on a box, about two-thirds of the way through. You’ll need to quickly break a couple of tikis to get to it.

The forth fortune cookie is in the Back Alley. Walk down the stairs after you enter the area and you’ll see two garbage dumpsters. One will be glowing, hit it and you’ll be able to get the fortune cookie inside.

The fifth fortune cookie is found on Paparazzi Street. Just walk down the street a-ways and you’ll see it on a picnic table towards the left side.

The sixth fortune cookie is located further down Paparazzi Street in the section of the area with the craters. Navigate your way through them and head through the underground tunnel that allows you to pop out of the manhole on the other side. Once you come out, you’ll see the fortune cookie on the ground a little-ways in front of you.

The seventh and final fortune cookie is located in the Dojo Estate, in the middle of a sand garden between 4 gongs. It’s as easy as walking to it and picking it up. Congrats! You can now turn in all your fortune cookies at the old folk’s home in the hub world to get your reward!