The Cosmic Shake – Location of Mrs. Puff’s Good Noodle Stars

Jacob Curr
SpongeBob standing underneath Mrs. Puff's good noodle stars.

While playing through SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, Mrs. Puff will request your help finding her good noodle stars that she has lost. There are 5 stars that need to be located in total, and all of them can be found in Halloween Rock Bottom. Here are the locations for all of Mrs. Puff’s good noodle stars.

The first good noodle star is found at the Bus Stop, and can be collected as soon as you enter the level. Look to your right and you’ll see the star floating above a rocky outcropping. You can climb up to it via the back of the outcropping, and easily collect the first star.

The second good noodle star can be found in Kandyville on the backside of one of the floating buildings toward the right-side of the town. The easiest way to get up to it is by immediately walking to your right upon entering the town, and climbing up to the first level of the building rooftops. Use the trampoline to jump all the way up to the top level, then follow the bridge to your left to make your way to the building that has the star. Finally, jump onto the lipped-platform surrounding the building and walk to the back to collect the star.

The third good noodle star is also located in Kandyville, on top of a big pipe overlooking the center of the town. The easiest way to get up to this star is by first following the same path up to the first level of rooftops that you took to get the last star. However, instead of using the trampoline, this time you should turn back toward where you entered the town from and jump across the moving conveyor belt to the building across from you. From there, you should be able to jump up and use the swing-hook to swing yourself to the pipe where the good noodle star is.

The forth good noodle star is in the Shadow Theatre area, and is actually on top of the theatre itself. To get to the star, follow the right-most glowing green cable all the way to its end point. Then, turn right and use the swing-hook and conveyor belts to platform to the star.

The fifth and final good noodle star is found on the Museum Slide. Continue through the slide as normal until you get to a section mid-way through that has a bunch of arrows pointing you where to go. Follow the arrows and then, instead of heading to the left to continue the slide like you normally would, head to the right through the pipe. After bouncing off a few balloons, you’ll be able to jump into the star in front of you. Now that you’ve collected all of the good noodle stars, be sure to go back to the hub world to turn them into Mrs. Puff for your reward!