The Cosmic Shake – Location of Mr. Krabs Lost Pennies

Jacob Curr

During SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, you’ll discover that Mr. Krabs has lost his pennies and wants his favorite employee to help find them for him. All of Mr. Krabs lost pennies can be found in the Pirate Goo Lagoon. Here are the locations of all of Mr. Krabs lost pennies.

The first penny is found on Bongo Beach. Make your way through the area until you find yourself on the island that requires you to ground-pound the button to move the platforms in the lagoon. Hit the button until the platforms are facing the right-most island that has the floating tikis surrounding the lifeguard tower. Jump across the platforms and head towards the back-left by the shipwreck, where you’ll find the penny.

The second penny can be found in the Scurvy Swamp. Upon entering the area, make your way straight toward the big tree in the center. Once you get to the tree, walk directly past it and you’ll see the penny on a small island that you should be able to easily platform to.

The third penny is located in the big Sand Castle. It is hidden behind a wall of stone tikis at the lowest level of the castle, which can be seen as soon as you enter it. Blow up the stone tikis with the explosive tiki found among them and walk in to collect your penny.

The forth penny is in the Shipwreck Treasure area and can be found immediately. Simply turn to your right as soon as you enter the area and you’ll see the platform holding the penny that you can jump across to. Easy money.

The fifth penny is located in Port Jelly Royale. Continue through the area normally until you get to the second major section of the town. You’ll know you are there because there will be plenty of enemies who will attack you. Turn to the right after entering the town and you’ll find the last penny floating over a small boat. You can now return to the hub world to deliver the pennies back to Mr. Krabs!