The Cosmic Shake – Location of Sandy’s Hot Objects

Jacob Curr

In SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, Sandy will have a sidequest for you asking to find some hot objects to help heat up her treedome. All 5 of the hot objects can be found in the Prehistoric Kelp Forest. Here are the locations for all of Sandy’s hot objects.

The first hot object is located in the Stalactite Cave, in the beginning section that has you running from the collapsing cave behind you. It can be found towards the left side of the cave after jumping over a couple of bone barriers.

The second hot object can be found on the Volcano Slide. Towards the end of the slide you’ll be able to spot a trampoline on the left-hand side that you can jump off of into a hook-swing. Quickly grab hold of the hook-swing and swing yourself into the hot object.

The third hot object you can collect is located in the Lava Cave. Continue through the area until you get to a section that has you jumping across stone platforms which are floating down the lava river. Jump across the platforms until you get to the center of the river, where the hot object can be found.

The forth hot object is found further down in the Lava Cave area, in the section where you have to walk on the stone boulder to traverse down the lava river. It can be found near the beginning of this section on a path towards the left. You’ll need to have the lava push you up toward the hot object in order to reach it.

The fifth and final hot object can be found in the same section as the last one, but further down the lava river. Continue on down the river of lava until you get past a sharp turn in the river, and you’ll be able to see the hot object floating high above you. You’ll have to wait for the lava underneath it to push you up towards it, just like the last one. Now that you have all 5 of the hot objects, you can return to the hub world to turn them into Sandy for your reward.