The Cosmic Shake – Location of Squidward’s Refreshments

Jacob Curr

Having trouble finding all the refreshments for Squidward in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake? Upon accepting Squidward’s side quest, you will be tasked with collecting refreshments for him, all of which are located in the Wild West Jellyfish Fields section of the game. Here is our quick guide on how to find all 5 of Squidward’s refreshments.

The first of Squidward’s refreshments is located in Jellyfish Trail just after coming out of the Seahorse Valley. It can be found floating on a tiki over the waterfall near the trampoline used to get up to the next part of the path. Simply walk over and jump across the floating tikis to get to your first refreshment for Squidward.

The second refreshment is located in Mrs. Puff’s Riding School, and is on a platform that is hanging off of the side of the tall rock outcropping towards the back of the school. To get to it, jump onto the school itself, then onto the trampoline that’s located over the small lake, and finally onto the wooden platforms where the refreshment is by using your glide ability.

The third refreshment is located in Manta Fe, in the Manta Fe graveyard which is found just outside the town itself. To get to the graveyard, you’ll need to use the slingshot to shoot yourself to the island that the graveyard is on. The refreshment can be found near Squidwa- we mean “Jeff Tentacles Jr.”, at the top of the hill on the backside. Be sure to also talk to Jeff Tentacles Jr. in the graveyard to complete a quick additional side quest for a reward.

The fourth refreshment is located in the Cacteen Hills, and can actually be seen from the back edge of Manta Fe. It is found under the painted wooden-board bridge. You can simply glide down to it, or jump on the floating tikis to reach your penultimate refreshment.

The fifth and final one of Squidward’s refreshments is located in the Sap the Gatherer section, towards the very top of the path as soon as you enter the area. It can be found on a tall outcropping in the middle of the lagoon. Follow the path up as you normally would until right before you need to jump across the stars to the donkey-kong looking section. You should be able to easily jump to the outcropping to collect your last refreshment. Feel free to head back to Squidward in the hub world now to collect your reward!