The BEST Way to Catch 3 Star Sharks in Dave the Diver

Jacob Curr
3 star sharks in dave the diver

In order to catch 3 star sharks in Dave the Diver, you must catch the sharks without hurting them in any way. Doing damage to the sharks will result in them being 2 stars or less upon catching them. This can be tricky as most of the sharks you’ll encounter in Dave the Diver are naturally aggressive and will attack on sight. The key to catching the sharks at 3 stars will be using equipment that can pacify them without having to engage in combat.

Two pieces of equipment are required for you to be able to catch 3 star sharks in Dave the Diver, the Modified Hush Dart and the Salvage Drone.

The Salvage Drone is simple enough to acquire as it is unlocked naturally in the story, on the day you receive the invitation for the Tuna Party. If you don’t have access to the Salvage Drone yet, keep playing the game until you do. The Salvage Drone is a piece of equipment that is used to extract fully intact fish from the Blue Hole during your dives. It will be needed to extract the sharks after you use the Modified Hush Dart on them.

Upon locating a shark on your dive, first use the Modified Hush Dart to shoot the shark with it twice. One shot is enough to pacify smaller sea creatures, but not enough for the bigger ones which require two shots. Don’t be surprised if the shark doesn’t immediately fall asleep, as it takes a couple seconds for the effect to kick in. You’ll know the shark has fallen asleep once you see the little “Z’s” coming out of it.

Once the shark is asleep, swim to it and use the prompt to call in the Salvage Drone to extract it. You have to be a little quick, as the sleeping affect will wear off after some time. Once the Salvage Drone comes and takes away the shark, you should get a prompt in the top right of your screen confirming that the shark has been caught at a 3 star quality!

You can repeat this process with every available shark in Dave the Diver in order to fill out your Marinca, or to just bring home a bunch of shark meat for the restaurant. This technique will also work for catching most other creatures, big or small, at 3 stars. Enjoy catching more 3 star sharks in Dave the Diver !